Chen Zhao

Ph.D. Candidate
Computer Science, University of Maryland

4108 Iribe Building
8125 Paint Branch Dr
College Park, MD, 20740

Email: chenz [at] cs [dot] umd [dot] edu

Photo credit: Xin Qian (San Diego, 2017)

I am a sixth-year Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park. I'm a member of CLIP Lab, working with Prof. Jordan Boyd-Graber and Prof. Hal Daumé III. I did my undergrad at Zhejiang University, working with Prof. Deng Cai.
In summer 2021, I interned at Microsoft Semantic Machines, mentored by Anthony Platnios. I worked on generalization for semantic parsing over tabular data.
In summer 2019, I interned at IDEAS group, Microsoft Research (with Chenyan Xiong and Paul Bennett), and Bing (with Corby Rosset, Xia Song and Saurabh Tiwary). I worked on multi-hop question answering.
In summer 2018, I interned at DMX group, Microsoft Research. I worked on large scale entity matching, mentored by Yeye He.
My research interests lie in applying advanced natural language processing, and machine learning techniques to question answering. Specifically, I'm interested in representing knowledge from large scale text corpora (e.g., Wikiepdia) to answer complex questions (multi-hop, multi-evidence). And question answering with the help of semi-structured data (Table QA, Text2SQL).




Other Activities

I am a bridge player, I love this game. Every year I play some top-level tournaments(e.g., North American Bridge Championships and World Series) depending on time availability. In 2018, I played for China junior Team for the 2018 World Junior Championship.

During the corona time (2020, 2021), I enjoyed playing top-level online tournements (e.g., ALT, OCBL), but i really miss playing real (i.e., face to face) tournaments.

Recent Achievements:

2020 Minor ALT Invitational II (Bridge Base Online). Finished in second place, with Simon de Wijs, Bauke Muller, Choon Chou Loo, Gideon Tan, Ricco van Prooijen and Louk Verhees.

2019 Fall NABC (San Fransisco, USA). Finished in round of 16 in Soloway KO teams, with Jing Liu, Linlin Hu and Dunga Liu.

2019 Summer NABC (Las Vegas, USA). Finished in round of 32 in Spingold (lost to team Zimmerman), with Jing Liu, Linlin Hu and Dunga Liu.

2019 Spring NABC (Memphis, USA). 9th in Jocaby Open Swiss Teams, with Jing Liu, Simon De Wijs and Bauke Muller.

2018 World Series (Orlando, USA). 8th in Open Pairs, with Jing Liu.

2018 World Junior Championship (Wujiang, China). Finished in round of 8, with Qingfeng Wang, Benjie Miao, Sijia Gu, Kai Jin and Jinhao Dong.

2018 Spring NABC (Philadelphia, USA). Finished in round of 8 in Vanderbilt, with Jing Liu, Hua Poon and Choon Chou Loo.